Welcome to Cambugs! We now have 2 apps available to download. Cambugs letter sounds teaches children initial letter sounds whilst Cambugs Phonics teaches rest of the phonemes that children need to become confident fluent readers.

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Who are we?

Cambugs Apps have been developed by educational psychologists in partntership with the University of Cambridge and are based on research into what really works to help children develop their phonics skills and ultimately learn to read fluently and confidently. As educational psychologists these are the techniques that we use and train others to use because we see the difference they make, not only to literacy development but also to a children’s confidence in literacy.

Why you need to use Cambugs apps

Cambugs Apps are designed to develop your child’s reading skills starting with phonics, the building blocks of reading. We use instructional psychology and interleaved learning where new sounds are learned alongside known sounds to develop mastery, confidence and fluency.

You will notice in the app that your child is reviewing sounds that they already know. This is a really good thing! This technique of over-learning is essential when teaching something new. By following this method children are more likely to remember information and more able to generalise their skills to different reading situations. Too often children are taught new skills so quickly that they have not gained mastery before moving on to the next thing. The way our apps are designed and developed ensures that this does not happen.

Reading fluency

In order to develop into a confident reader, your child needs to develop reading fluency, i.e. not only do they need to recognise phonemes/words they need to recall them quickly. Imagine sounding out a word really slowly…… by the time you have got to the end you are very likely to have forgotten the beginning. That is why our Apps have a timed test function which ensures that your child only moves on to the next stage when they are completely ready. On the App you will notice that some words that your child has already learned are
reintroduced to learn again and that is because they are not yet fluent.

We believe that Cambugs Apps are unique in that they are designed as a teaching aid where adults and children work together, this means that you are able to provide additional motivation through specific praise and discussion. Cambugs Apps are designed to be used twice a day, and during this time your child will be spending ‘quality’ time with you and you will be providing the intellectual stimulation that we know has a positive impact on school outcomes.