Absolutely LOVE this app. As a kindergarten teacher, this is an effective way to assess students. A bonus is that it makes it fun for kids! They love collecting the bugs! I enjoy the statistics tab for teachers as well. It gives a clear picture of how many sounds they have mastered as well as showing the sounds that they still need to master.

I would love to see a similar app for capital and lowercase letters, sight words, numbers, and shapes. The possibilities are endless. Another plus would be if there was a way to print out the statistics, either whole class or individually. These are apps I would definitely invest in!

- Margaret, Kindergarten teacher

I was so surprised how many sounds my three year old recognised! We can focus more on sounds we didn't recognise and supporting her in learning phonics doesn't seem quite so daunting!

I think the sound hint is great as I was sounding some letters incorrectly and this may have hindered rather than helped my daughter. This app works very well in partnership with our jolly phonics book.

- Michelle, Parent

I am a Kindergarten teacher and as I was browsing through several alphabet apps in the search, I found yours. I downloaded it and can't wait to use it in the classroom! I especially like that it keeps track of known and unknown sounds, which is helpful in giving students immediate feedback. I was wondering if you are considering adding any of the vowel digraphs (ai, ee, ie, oa, ue)? Or other consonant digraphs such as th, sh, ch? I would also like it if you had the same type of app for letter names! Thank you for developing such a wonderful app!

- Michelle, Kindergarten Teacher

...she is enjoying it very much and in working through it together I can make the response to each success very personal to her which she loves. Thank you for providing such an excellent app.

- Alison, Parent