Great reviews for our apps from the Educational App Store

We just had great 5 star reviews for our 2 apps from the Educational App Store.

Cambugs Letter Sounds is a great app for teaching preschool children letter sounds. The learning technique used is spaced repetition and it is modelled after the manual style of learning with flash cards, a very effective way for ensuring that children will memorise and retain the sounds they learn….The app has been developed by educational psychologists and in partnership with the University of Cambridge and we believe it has educational value. Overall Cambugs Letter Sounds receives 5 stars EAS Certification.

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This is the second app released by Cambugs and it will help develop your child’s phonic skills and their ability to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes.  These early exercises are the first steps to help children reinforce phonic blends and sounds in reading and writing. Strong phonic skills are essential and Cambugs Phonics is one of the best apps that assure high-quality phonic work.  The app received a 5 star EAS Certification.

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